We are a speech pathologist and an occupational therapist who have worked together to develop a program to address the needs of children having difficulties navigating the on-the-move modern classroom. Our experience and background complement and enhance the work we do with children and have taught us innovative ways to curate a specific program suited to a child's needs. We are currently working remotely, having years of practice of remote work with children who were unable to come to our clinic pre-pandemic.   



Roseanne Legrand
MA,ccc/slp ADHD-RSP
Gina Davis


Roseanne Legrand has worked for more than forty years as a speech and language pathologist and consultant in private practice and in schools. She is a certified ADHD Rehabilitation Services Provider. She has developed and implemented reading, speech, and learning programs in academic, business, and rehabilitation settings and has presented at conferences, schools, and community organizations. A former board member of the New York State Speech, Hearing, and Language Association, Legrand has been honored for her work, including a citation from the New York City Department of Education as Supervisor of the Year, and as Teacher of the Year. She is currently a member of the advisory council for the Ideal School, a board member of TechKidsUnlimited and a former adjunct Professor at Pace University,

Speech & Language Therapy:
Expertise & Practice Areas

As a long-time therapist I am able to address a number of speech language pathology issues, including those listed below, in private sessions, as well as in tandem work:

ADHD • Childhood Apraxia of Speech • Articulation and Phonological Disorders • Augmentative Alternative Communication • Autism • Central Auditory Processing Disorders • Cognitive-Communication Disorders • Executive Functioning Skills Training • Fluency and Fluency Disorders • Language Acquisition Disorders • Language and Literacy  Disabilities • Learning Disabilities • Neurogenic Communication Disorders • Orofacial and Oralmotor  Disorders • Phonology and Phonetic Disorders • Specific and Non-Specific Language Impairment• Developmental and Genetic Disorders •  Voice Disorders 



Gina Davis is an occupational therapist and a certified ADHD Rehabilitation Services Provider. In clinics, schools, and in private practice, she works with preschool and school age children who have been diagnosed with autism, sensory processing disorder, physical disabilities, ADHD, learning disabilities, handwriting difficulties, and other special needs. Trained at the Bank Street College of Education, she also has several years experience as a day care teacher in New York City.


















Occupational Therapy:
Expertise & Practice Areas

There are a number of skills I can work on with your child in tandem as well as in private sessions, including:


ADHD •  Autism • Behavioral/ Psychosocial • Cognitive Perceptual Disorders• Developmental Coordination Disorder • Dyspraxia • Executive Functioning Skills Training • Fine Motor Skill Development • Gross Motor Skill Development/Coordination • Handwriting Without Tears • Self Help Skill Development • Sensory Processing Disorder • Visual-Motor Integration Training




Who We Are

  • As practitioners with many years experience in our respective fields, we have seen the value of tandem intervention services. Working together to help children who have difficulty navigating the on-the-move modern classroom, we develop individualized learning programs tailored to each child’s needs. By combining movement and sensory integration therapies with those designed to improve language skills, marked progress occurs in children whose productivity previously had been stalled.

  • In this type of tandem approach, multiple sensory systems are stimulated simultaneously. These systems play key foundational roles in motor planning, language, and learning, as well as auditory and visual processing. They also contribute significantly to cognitive and emotional development.

  • In joining our distinct areas of expertise, we integrate different interpretations of behavior. Our resulting therapies complement each other, creating a unique program for each child with whom we work.

  • Note:  Individual, one-on-one sessions with a therapist are also available. The decision to combine therapies is made individually and depends on your child's age, needs, and sensory processing abilities as well as other clinical issues.

Why it's important to combine speech and language therapy with occupational therapy