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Red Light Green Light Learning Services is run by Roseanne Legrand, a speech/language pathologist and Gina Davis, an occupational therapist. We have extensive experience working with children diagnosed with ADHD, childhood apraxia (motor delays), and word retrieval and literacy problems. Using our complimentary skills, we have developed a tandem approach to successfully prepare children for today's modern classroom.

Children with learning and executive functioning difficulties find the fast-paced environment of schools today both difficult and disorienting. They are met at every turn with confusing signals: Who do you listen to? When do you listen? What do you listen to? Where do you go next?

Red Light Green Light Learning Services provides training for children in individual or small group settings that will help them navigate this challenging environment.

What is our approach at Red Light Green Light?

We work with children in an innovative way that involves play and movement.  The New York Times recently published an article entitled, "Simon Says Don't Use Flashcards," about a growing body of research showing the importance of play in brain development. “Play is one of the most cognitively stimulating things a child can do," one researcher told reporter Tara Parker-Pope. At Red Light Green Light, we have developed a series of exercises through play to encourage children to pay attention, remember rules, and exhibit self control, "qualities that also predict future academic success," according to the Times piece. We focus on the “how” of learning, not on “what” is being learned. Mastering essential executive functioning skills is critical to lifelong learning. "It turns out that a child's ability at age 4 to pay attention and complete a task are the greatest predictors of whether he or she finishes college by age 25," concludes Parker-Pope.


What will your child learn from Executive Functioning Training?

The ability to: 

  • Expand his or her listening skills

  • Prioritize and follow multiple directives.

  • Evaluate new information and adapt to change

  • Organize materials and keep track of time.

  • Successfully tackle problems and create solutions.

What is Executive Functioning?

As the "air traffic controller of the brain," executive function monitors the following:


  • Having listening skills: when to listen, knowing who and what to listen to

  • Understanding sequencing: knowing where to go and how to put it all together

  • Developing a working memory

  • Exhibiting mental flexibility

  • Displaying and using inhibitory control

  • Planning

  • Being able to initiate and monitor actions

Our Attention Intervention Training Program is designed to integrate your child's classroom work with her/his other daily experiences, bridging the gap between school and life. This is a crucial step toward making progress. We collaborate with parents, teachers, tutors, and other professionals to insure that this integration happens.  Weekly emails from us keep you and all partners involved in your child's development well-informed and working as a cohesive team. Parents are encouraged to attend sessions and if they cannot photos and videos can be emailed home so that routines and games can be adapted for a home program.


Our goal is to help your child do the following:

  • Expand his/her listening skills within today's modern classroom

  • Prioritize and follow multiple directives from teachers and peers

  • Evaluate new information and adapt to change within each classroom learning activity

  • Follow academic organization and instructions within the classroom and at homework time

  • Learn to tackle problems and find solutions


We work with your child to develop the  specific skills of:

  • Organizing thoughts and ideas

  • Navigating the classroom

  • Focusing on what's important

  • Resisting impulses and persisting with tasks

  • Integrating all the senses

  • Communicating thoughts and ideas

  • Increasing awareness of others

  • "Managing" the body so the mind is ready to listen and learn 



Workshops for Parents and Teachers
Staff training on building executive functioning skills 

Parent workshops on:

  • Speech/ Language development

  • Executive Functioning

  • Sensory fine motor development

  • Open forum questions that you always wanted to ask about your child’s speech, language, sensory and fine motor development. 

  • Games children and toddlers should play to help their learning skills

  • Getting your child organized, getting your home organized to support your child during homework and the transitions out of the home

Executive Functioning Skill Development:
Attention Intervention Training Program

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Individual Speech & Language Therapy Sessions
Individual Occupational Therapy Sessions


Tandem-Therapy Approach to communication, literacy, and writing


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