How do we walk and talk  at the same time?

Most people never ask themselves that question, but it is one that regularly confronts children with ADHD, dyspraxia (motor delays), or word retrieval issues. Executive Function skills, including the ability to prioritize tasks or control impulses, pose a challenge for these children, especially in social settings like the classroom. Developing the skills needed to master these challenges is an important step towards a child's personal growth. According to the Center for Developing Child at Harvard University, executive functioning skills “provide the link between early school achievement and social, emotional and moral development.”


What do we do? Our goal is to help children and students with learning and language issues solve problems and function in the real world. We believe in direct intervention, working in tandem with each child, using our experience as a speech therapist, (Roseanne Legrand, MA, ccc/slp) and occupational therapist (Gina Davis, MS, OTR/L) to address individualized educational needs.

How do we do it? We combine movement and sensory integration while facilitating language learning, literacy and writing development. The result? Children entering the classroom prepared to make real academic progress.

What do we believe? That our innovative approach helps children navigate today's "on-the-move" school environment, with its de-centralized structure and emphasis on multitasking and group, rather than solo, activities. The days of “all eyes on the teacher” are long gone. We help children perform in settings with multiple points of focus.

How do we succeed? We work with your child to build life skills by linking his or her specific needs to individualized training and academic curriculum. We use our work to foster a team approach, sending both family and educators progress reports and suggestions for ways in which they can reinforce a child’s newly developed Executive Function and other skills in all aspects of life.

What we know today Executive functions of the brain are cognitive tasks that activate, integrate and control other functions of the mind. When the executive functions are not working effectively, the individual can experience significant problems with self-esteem and many aspects of learning. BROWN ADD SCALES MANUAL



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